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TWIPO #40 ~ Advances in Neuroblastoma Research Meeting Recap: Advances in Understanding MYCN

July 10th, 2014

New York – This Week in Pediatric Oncology presents the first of a series of interviews from the recent Advances in Neuroblastoma Research meeting, which was held in Cologne, Germany, in May. Co-hosts Dr. Nilay Shah (Nationwide Children’s Hospital) and Dr. Keri Stretby (Nationwide Children’s Hospital) caught up with two pediatric oncologists who’ve made significant advances in neuroblastoma research. In this 25-minute interview, Dr. Robert Seeger (Children's Hospital of Los Angeles) and Dr. Garrett Brodeur (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia) discuss how the discovery of the MYCN gene 30 years ago has helped scientists better understand neuroblastoma and impacted treatment options.